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Mercato Coperto “Metronio“

Sted: Roma, Italia, Arkitekt: Riccardo Morandi, Byggeår: 1957

Adresse: Via Magna Grecia, Roma

Riccardo Morandi is one of the most important civil engineer in Italy of the late century. He designed this building to host a public parking and a market for the area. He started his activities in
Calabria, at the turn of the twenties, with the design of concrete structures for earthquake locations. He returned to Rome continuing the studies. Linked to the Rationalism constructive open from engineering, his figure is a concrete illustration of the research methodology of
integration of function, construction and image that is, always, the ideal goal of any architecture.
Despite his initial labeling structural engineer, in his works is actually read the intimate connection between the architectural setting - structural and functional and economic distribution.
(info from the italian guide Luigi)

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