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Cultural Center of Ranica Seriate

Sted: Seriate, Italia, Arkitekt: Dap Studio, Byggeår: 2005

Adresse: Via Degli Alpini, 24068 Seriate

The building - housing a public library, an auditorium, a kindergarten,and a school for dance and theater- is made of two volumes,
one laid on top of the other, centering on an interior courtyard capturing natural light and attracting pedestrians.
The building hosts a new “piazza”, a new meeting point for the citizens. In this sense, the project for the new Cultural Center
reconceives the ground.

Beginning at grade, the building establishes new links with the city and makes its presence felt as it rises two floors above the
ground. It maintains harmony with the surrounding landscape, which inspired its design, through predominantly horizontal lines
at the floor and ceiling planes of each volume. The lower volume is transparent, revealing the activities which take place inside to
passersby, stirring their curiosity. The upper volume sits on its top and becomes an urban signal. Its translucent polycarbonate
sheets glow with vibrant tints and allow the silhouettes of people to be seen through the colorful watery facade.

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